• Our Vision

    Warm, safe, appropriate and sustainable housing for all whānau

  • Our Mission

    We provide shelter, care, support and opportunities for whānau experiencing a housing crisis

  • Our Values

    We strive to demonstrate aroha through:  Respect  Trust  Compassion  Generosity  Courage

  • What We Do

     Transitional housing for up to 15 people  A 12-week personalised residential programme  Access counselling, budgeting, social work and medical services  Link whānau to support systems and government agencies  Identify future education and job possibilities  Deliver an animal-assisted learning programme  Assist whānau into appropriate, healthy and sustainable homes  Network with housing providers and government agencies



Established in May 2005, Island Child Charitable Trust is a small grassroots organisation with a big heart making a sustainable difference in the lives of whānau facing a housing crisis. Based in Glen Innes, East Auckland, our Trust (or ICCT) successfully rehomes between 18-25 whānau (residential and non-residential clients) each year, depending on available housing. Our goal is to assist more individuals and families. The Trust provides transitional housing and a 12-week residential programme that operates 24/7 out of leased premises in Glen Innes, including an office. We offer two single rooms, two double-room lofts, and also lease a two-bed- room cottage in a neighbouring suburb. At any one time we can host up to four families and a single person, or a total of 15 people. We work with single parent families, two parent families and adults. For the year ending 30 September 2017, 71% of our residential whānau identified as single parents and 60% identified as Māori. Whānau self-refer or are referred to us by family members, community, or government agencies. We also make and receive referrals to/from other housing providers. In the year ending 30 September 2017, over 40% of residential clients were referred by whānau and 36% were self-referrals. ICCT staff and volunteers work as a team. Currently, the Trust has a full-time manager/homeless worker and a part-time administrator. Seven volunteers contribute over 250 volunteer hours each month. Volunteers do cleaning, gardening and household maintenance, provide parenting and emotional support, and organise our clothes and linen bank. Here we tell the story of the early beginnings of our Trust and the evolution of our work with families experiencing a housing crisis. We share how we see the problem of homelessness, outline our holistic programme and explain our Nan approach. We show the impact of our work through stories and layers of difference. We also reflect on lessons learnt, challenges ahead, and where to from here.

Meet Our People

Island Child

  • Danielle Bergin

    Danielle Bergin


  • "Nan" Wendy Tattersfield

    "Nan" Wendy Tattersfield

    A Nan Approach

Making a Sustainable Difference

in the lives of whanau

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